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Prize / Fellowship

  • Jong Beom Park (Chairman)
  • Ken Ishii
  • Toshitaka Yoshii
  • Torphong Bunmaprasert


To oversee all activities of CSRS-AP related with decisions of any kind of prize, research grant, and travelling fellowhips.


The committee will encourage the applications of best paper award (for both oral and poster cession) and research fund available of the year, and travelling fellowship for the following year.
Under a fair and open basis, the committee will make a decision of the candidate of prize/fellowship winner and a recommendation to executive committee for final decision.


The committee will solicit the members of CSRS-AP to apply the best paper award, research grant available, and travelling fellowships before the annual meeting of the year. To make a fair and open basis, the application forms of each prize of fellowship program should be decided before decision with cooperation of the research committee and the education committee.
The committee will assemble the applications of the year before business meeting of CSRS-AP, and make recommendations to executive committee for final decision of the year.

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